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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sperm whale gatherings in Baja, Mexico

Hi everyone,

This is potentially what it looked like in Kalpitiya over the last few days. This is a video from Baja, Mexico. Proof that our sighting was not an unusual one.

The videos are not great quality but really nice to see! Thanks Federico from Italy for sending these links to me this morning!

Ah...if only I was in Kalpitiya right now....


  1. Cool! Wish I were in Kalpitiya too

  2. i'm glad you like the videos. I often read your blog because i'm very interested about whales and blues in particular, but i'm not a marine biologist.



  3. Thank you for your contribution and I promise more and more stories as and when they come out :) I am glad you keep coming back to visit!

  4. great :-)