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Blue Heaven - Channel 7 documentary

Promo for Channel 7 (Australia) Documentary


  1. I do see that you have mentioned that "Please note that it was originally thought that blue whales were only found around the east coast of Sri Lanka (Trincomalee) but in fact, they can be found all around our coastline with easily accessible aggregations off the eastern and southern coasts. " , but why didn't you say these information's on your recent interview with Young Asia TV interview with Sanjana Hattotuwa or in the channel 7 documentary on bluewhale??? do you have any specific reason that you ignored the truth on trincomalee ????



  2. that's u2waran@hotmail.com

  3. Hi Waran
    My work is focussed on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Hence, when I do interviews and people ask me about the blue whales that I work with I talk about Mirissa.
    Hope this answers your question.

  4. thanks for your early response and i appreciate that. you reply was fair enough.

    The channel 7 documentary, i saw couple of shots were taken in trincomalee and the map you show in the documentary where you have blue whales (as a colony) is again the east coast of srilanka, but you haven't mentioned anything about srilanka. if you want i can send you the screen shots which i have to prove that the scenes were shot in trincoamlee.

    one thing i want make clear , i am not here to commend on the work you do. I know you are a well qualified young women, educated, who is doing a wonderful job, trying all means to make people aware of the blue whales, at the same time , my concern is, i want to see the truth to be shown to the world (which doesn't happen in srilanka and you know that too) !!!


  5. Yes some shots were taken in Trinco - I do not need you to prove or disprove anything to me (by the way the map is not showing a colony of blue whales) - but I do not focus my work on that region so I do not comment on it in detail. I do not see the problem with that.

    You say that I do not mention anything about Sri Lanka? If you go back to the start of the documentary you will notice it is all about sri Lanka.

    If anyone wants to find out about places to go whale watching in Sri Lanka - the information is available on the internet. You can find out about Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Mirissa. There is no hiding of truth here. I am sorry but I am not sure what your argument is. Interviewers are interested in the work that I do which as I said earlier - is in the south.

  6. my apologies... typo... its not mentioned anything about srilanka, it's mentioning about trincomalee :o)

    if it is not the colonies of blue whale ??What was the map was showing ??? but i am sure that's the eastern part :o)

    My argument here is , about Trincomalee or i can say north and east , truth is never revealed or any information provided is misinterpreted. Being a srilankan and from trincomalee , i always admire the natural beauty and resources of it, and when people come to know about that, they have totally false information. This includes hot water wells in trincomalee , kantalai dam and even more. When i saw the documentary , i was happy to know that world is going to know about the blue whale and was so excited to see trincomalee , but felt so bad, coz not even in single place the name was mentioned throughout the documentary. This is not only with your video , this has been the fate of our part :o)

    That's the reason for all these conversations, you being educated and having international exposure, i thought you should not do the same what has been happening there for years, misinterpret information's. I do appreciate the passion you have towards blue whales and marine biology :o) and hats off to the work you are doing, at the same time we , people living outside , having a strong love towards our country, and we want the truth to be revealed to the world, thats the reason i've thrown these questions to you !!!


  7. Fascinating work. Well done.

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  9. Well Done...!! We are proud of the Great Work you Do...!