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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amazing images of Bryde's whale swallowing a whole shoal of sardines

Doug Perrine/SeaPics.com/solent

World renown underwater photographer Doug Perrine (http://seapics.com/information/about-us/Doug-Perrine.html) travelled to Mexico's Baja Peninsula to capture these spectacular photos of a Bryde's whale feeding on an entire shoal of sardines! 

Very little is known about the Bryde's whale that resides in tropical and subtropical waters. It happens to be one of the 3 large whale species regularly spotted in Sri Lankan waters.  Individuals are easily recognisable because of their distinct sickle-shaped dorsal fins and dark (dark grey - black) body colouration. Females (that are slightly larger than males) grow up to 12-15 m in length and weigh 12,000 kg on average.  

We still have plenty to learn about this species but these photos give us an idea of their feeding behaviours and capabilities! Click here to see more! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2127159/A-large-sardine-supper-Giant-whale-caught-camera-swallowing-shoal-fish.html

Also -- Google 'Doug Perrine' to check out some of his incredible photographs and contributions to furthering our understanding of the wonderful marine creatures that surround us! 

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