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Monday, January 28, 2013

Beware of photo thieves!

Recognise the photo?

This is just a quick blog post to express my dismay at finding my photo plastered on a poster for whale-watching in Mirissa at the place I had lunch today. You can only imagine my shock when I saw it - ESPECIALLY considering it is (a) the opening photo of my blog and (b) on my blog I had carefully watermarked my name on the bottom right. Please note how they have cropped it out. It compels me to start placing my watermark right over the middle of any photograph I post thereby losing some aesthetic appeal but at least preventing misuse of this nature. It is pretty sad that people do not realise that taking other people's photos amounts to stealing....but what else do they think it is? The saddest part is that it is not just small time operators that do this, I recently found a friend's photograph being used by one of the big hotel companies in the country...and of course my friend didn't even know it. 

I am not into recommending whale-watch companies because in all fairness I have not used all the millions that run out of Mirissa BUT I would ask you and your friends to pay careful attention to the name of this company and judge for yourself if they deserve your money.

Thank you for passing by. Please share this story -- More happy stories to come!

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