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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tongan humpback whale baby boom!

American photographer and researcher Tony Wu has photo-identified and catalogued 48 new calves in the latest humpback whale breeding season in Tonga. These humpbacks calve in the winter around Vava'u in Tonga and in summer migrate past New Zealand's east coast to feed in the Ross Sea. This record number is positive news for the ongoing recovery of the southern hemisphere humpback whale populations. 

The photographs are breath-taking and definitely worth your time. You can read the full report and see all the photos by clicking here: http://www.tonywublog.com/20111030/record-number-of-humpback-whale-babies-in-tonga-2011.html. While you are at it - don't forget to browse around for exciting photographs and 'miscellaneous musings' too!


  1. Asha I'm a television producer with a craze for whales since I was small... And my passion grew when a dead blue whale hit the shores in colombo few years back... and people started calling me little whale... so the point is I really really want to meet you... coz you inspired me... and i want to do a documentary with you... and help you out for free in any promotional aspect that would help you save this species... please please write back... my email id is: mycutenose@gmail.com

  2. Hi I am really proud of your work and efforts, I would like to help you in any way I can for your research b'cos I was amazed to find that these blue whales doesn't migrate.


  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement and words of support Jayanath - its good to have people standing by me as we all come together to unravel these secrets. Do keep in touch :)

  4. Hi Anonymous -- thanks for your message. We should keep in touch and see what can be done...email me at whalessrilanka@gmail.com :)