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Friday, November 4, 2011

Humpback whales off Santa Cruz pose a danger to sightseers

The whole point of going whale watching or any kind of wildlife watching should be to witness an animal engaging in natural behaviours in its natural environment. Getting too close only serves to harass and disrupt the activity it was engaging in - which might be vital for its survival. What purpose does that serve? In a country with no whale watching regulations in place, we see this 'cowboy'-esque behaviour all too often. Getting too close, driving too fast, accelerating suddenly, crossing in front of the whales are all sure-fire methods for us to disrupt and drive away these populations that already face a host of other threats. Do your part and only support responsible whale watching operations. 

This article highlights that while its a real problem for the whales it also becomes a danger to sightseers. Whales are not called gigantic for nothing. One disaster could spell the demise of the entire industry. Then what?

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