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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cachalot: A Marine Science Digital Textbook

Introducing the first interactive marine science textbook - Cachalot (French for sperm whale)! It’s a free, app-based book that covers the latest science of marine megafauna like whales, dolphins and seals with expert-contributed text, images and open-access studies. All content is contributed by experts in the field so you know you are getting the most exciting and up-to-date accounts of ongoing research (I'm so excited to have contributed images to the blue whale segment written by Dr. Kate Stafford!)

The catch is that its currently only available for the ipad but the last I checked they were looking to make it available for smaller devices like ipods too (though I think the experience is far richer on a bigger screen). 

Yesterday I met Dave Johnston who is visiting Perth for another really cool project - engaging people in science through smart use of smart phones - and it appears Duke Uni is totally behind him on Cachalot...Way to go Dave and team!! I'm really excited about this project and look forward to learning more about the amazing megafauna in our oceans!

If you have an ipad and are curious about marine megafauna I suggest you waste no time in downloading the app here 

Read a review in Wired magazine here 

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