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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So long and thanks for all the fish...

One month ago I was sitting in the Sydney airport excitedly blogging about my new adventure to Mingan. I was hoping to learn new things and see lots of whales and the signs along the road seemed positive - at least we were going in the right direction. 

But here I am, writing what is probably my last blog from the MICS research station with a sniffle in my heart. This blog is not about the science, or the whales that brought us together, and certainly not about the weather, but a truly heartfelt thank you to Rene and the MICS team. During this month, I learnt more than I would have by sitting at my desk in Perth...from operations and logistics to science and friendships - I would not swap the experience for the world. 

So - thank you FIRSTLY to Rene, for letting me shadow you and absorb whatever I could from you, for your patience and wackiness, for the melancholy songs and 'dancing queen', for vegetarian delights and sandwich surprises. Mostly, for putting up and coping well with my energy and off-the-wallishness. I am so excited about your project and I am grateful to have found a like-minded 'risk-taker' in this wonderfully 'safe' world we live in. Kudos and smiles.

Richard - for being the centre of an amazing operation that draws together scores of people who give of their time and energy to make MICS what it is. The fact that you have so many repeat offenders on your team is testament to the success of the operation. I am sorry Gaspe held you captive but thanks for the visa support and see you soon. Perhaps on a boat in Sri Lanka!

Mr. Ramp - ALWAYS remember to 'think outside the box'...I am sure our paths will cross and we will be able to use our secret call sign again - I look forwardly. Thank you for everything. Your German efficiency does make the difference!

Alain - I am looking forward to using your wonderfully invaluable skills on the water in Sri Lanka in the near future. I really enjoyed meeting you and thanks for the wonderfully fun hula hoop and table football fun!

SCO - As it turns out, I am SCO proof. I survived the last night on your bedroom floor :) We MUST be soulmates :) See you very soon right?

The MICS team - thank you for welcoming me so openly.....Marie, Valentine, Marion and Sylvie. Many laughs lie ahead.

This must feel like an oscar acceptance speech but it isn't, as I have had the great privilege of winning more than just a mere golden statue...

Thank you and keep doing what you do, the world needs more of you!

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