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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The reality of field work

L-R: Christian's morning note stating the obvious to those with positivity hats on;
The sun trying to burn through the fog; View from the rooftop of the MICS building; the distant smudge in photo 3 closer up - these photos might give the impression that we live on top of a tall cliff, but we don't. The beach is just beyond.
Cruising on the water, working alongside the whales and absorbing all the sights and smells the ocean has to offer leaves you with an unbeatable sensation and rush. The hours spent out there, despite being hard, long and tiring are not to be exchanged for more desk time - no siree, thankyouverymuch. Fieldwork is very much 'da bomb' - as the gangsta's say. It definitely makes life more beautiful.

But then there are the 'other days'...the 'weather days'....when you wake up expectantly with happiness in your heart only to be confronted by a WALL of FOG. Today, is one of those days. 

FOG: n. 1. a thick cloud of water droplets or smoke suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface restricting or obscuring visibility (Oxford English Dictionary) 


Since we were up, Rene and I donned our positivity hats and ventured to the blue house at 6 am to get the final verdict from Christian (CAR) (even though we couldn't see beyond the neighbour's friendly sign stating that trespassers will be prosecuted. Point to note: the fog is so thick neither party would know if they were trespassing or being trespassed, so I guess there are advantages to this fog). As you can see, instead of being confronted by a tall German in desperate need of coffee, we were greeted by a note (photo 1). 

So here we are, back at base camp, awaiting the '9 am decision'......the sun MIGHT be doing its trick out there...but perhaps its not working hard enough to get us on the water today - there is always the possibility of a calm before the storm tomorrow ... a good day before hurricane Irene ventures up the coastline and sheds more happiness on us. 

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