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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am back

I am very sorry for the long silence. I realise I haven't updated my blog very regularly so now I will attempt to make my excuses; please bear with me. In my absence I have been working hard for the blue whales so have no fear!
1. I wrote some grants for research funding so I can continue the work I am doing (and I got some funding so I am extremely stoked!)
2. I presented my research at the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) meeting in Fremantle to a really receptive audience
3.  I am working on a project with the Sri Lanka Tourism Board to ensure responsible tourism in our country (particularly related to the whales)
4. I attended a really great workshop by Prof. Ken Pollock on some methods I will use in my research and
5. I have been finalising a paper that I just submitted for publication.
No rest for the wicked they say! I am not complaining in the least - this journey is so much fun and I want you all to join me on it.
OH and I have also been replying all the wonderful people who wrote to me after watching the documentary! Its been slow because there have been so many great notes and I want to respond to everyone - if you haven't heard from me yet - you will! Sorry for the delays!
Thank you for your patience!

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